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Rowing is an amazing activity for working out, staying fit, losing weight, and getting a full body workout.

However, you might get frustrated from being out of breath so quickly and not understanding why you can't row for 30 minutes, five times a day.

Stop being out breath! Start rowing longer today!

Forever Rowing is the step by step guide to help you reach your indoor rowing goals!

Learn about the indoor rowing machine and how to use it to your advantage!

Get weekly guidance to help you move along and keep improving!

Get personalized rowing analysis as often as you want!

 Get you rowing 30+ minutes without needing to stop due to being out of breath!

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Getting On Your Path to Rowing Longer is Just a Click Away...

What You're Getting Inside!

Forever Rowing is a 5-week, Step-by-Step Course that brings you from out of breath and tired to conquering the rowing machine with confidence!

- 24/7 Lifetime Access (including ALL updates)

- One-on-one guidance to help you and your unique circumstances

- Membership in a growing community of rowers just like you.

Module #1:

Module 1.1: Introduction

Module 1.2: Goals

Module 1.3: Machine Intro

Module 1.4: Screen Demystified

Module 1.5: Make the Machine Work for You

Module 1.6 Get Rowing!


Module #2:

Module 2.1: Intro and Why This is Important

Module 2.2: Rowing Breakdown

Module 2.3: Pick Drill

Module 2.4: Reverse Pick Drill

Module 2.5: Setup Formalities

Module 2.6 Breathing!


Module #3:


3 workouts a week for 5 weeks

Some are follow-along and some are do at your pace.

Getting On Your Path to Rowing Longer is Just a Click Away...

Don't have time?

Are you currently trying to spend 30 minutes rowing, but having to stop early? Then you have time. You set aside 30-minutes already, and some of these workouts are shorter!

It's not that you don't have time, it's what are your priorities? Making yourself a priority is just as important as eating. It helps keep you mentally happy, as well as get you towards your goals of being strong and empowered.

But if you really don't have time's okay! You get lifetime access to the videos and you get any changes that are made!

Have an injury and can't row?

You are in the perfect place! Amanda Painter is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who does online consultations. Not only that, but people are rowing just days after total hip replacements, total knee replacements, sprained ankles, and other injuries. Rowing is great at being low impact and it can be adapted to fit your situation. You get a video call with Amanda included, and we can work on getting you rowing without pain!

Get Started Rowing Longer Today!

How Much Is Forever Rowing?

Many people think that if they just keep rowing, they will eventually be able to row longer periods of time.

Well, while this is true for some, this is proven way to get you there faster.

Have you already taken that, just keep rowing, approach in the past? Yet, you are still here...

If you're like me, sometimes just having something laid out in a step by step guide can be helpful.

Plus you get guidance from a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has 18 years of rowing experience, including D1 and high school rowing. Let someone else worry about the programming, and you just follow along.

This entire 5-week training, is only


Your Investment is Fully Backed by our 90-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

I don't want unhappy money or unhappy clients. If this doesn't give you any value, doesn't help you reach your goal on the rowing machine, or you're just not satisfied with the quality of the content, or any other reason, just email Amanda ([email protected]) and request a full refund!
No questions asked. Seriously! I hate when I have to jump through hoops to get my money back, so I won't do that to you!
- Amanda

"In my quest to stay active while injured (bad knee), I got a Concept2 rowing machine. I had limited experience with it at the gym and for about 2 months I just got on it and rowed with little training and no work out plan. I stumbled across Amanda's Instagram account The.Rowing.Doc and was impressed with her easy going manner and honest straight forward content. She was the perfect source of information for me, a rower and a physical therapist. When she offered her course "Forever Rowing - Go from out of breath to rowing for 30+ minutes on the indoor rowing machine!" I immediately signed up. The course was perfect. From explaining the numbers on the screen, to warm ups, correct rowing posture, row along videos and workouts, it provided me with the foundation to be confident on the machine and not further injure myself. Amanda's engaging manner, positive energy, and willingness to help in any area of your training is invaluable. It is a great course and I learned much from it. I found myself referring to it to reinforce some basics, like the Pick Drills. It gave me the foundation and skills needed to confidently join her Million Meters in 2020 Challenge. My 500/m split is still a work in progress!"

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