Flexibility/Mobility for Rowers: FREE 3 Part Video Series!

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Rowing is an amazing sport, but sometimes we spend so much time on the water that we forget about the weight room or just some stretching and mobility work we can do on land.

If you want to stay on the water and competing, and help prevent injuries, make some time for some land work.

These are some things you can get started with TODAY, RIGHT NOW, before or after your training, and it's designed for ROWERS and COMPLETELY FREE!

What's inside this video series?


Why are injuries common and why is it important to spend some time on land?

Balanced Body

Some things to do on land to help your overall body stay healthier and designed specifically for the crew athlete.

Banded Routine

Some banded mobility things you can do for your body to help keep your body more resilient and help you get the most out of your stroke!


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