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ROWING for Physical Therapist's AND Coaches

Why Rowing for PT's?

Do you have patients who do CrossFit, Orange Theory Fitness, Rowhouse, CityRow, or any other activity with the indoor rowing machine?

It's great to learn the movements all these people are doing with weights, but we can't neglect the rowing machine. It's a HIGHLY REPETITIVE motion and if we neglect it, our patient's will keep getting hurt!

We had a huge interest from coaches too, so feel free to join as well!

Learn about the rowing machine not just for your patients, but for you too! Here's what Tony has to say about the course!


Rowing for PTs is a step by step guide to helping you and your clients stay healthy on the rowing machine!

  • Learn about the indoor rowing machine, what the numbers mean, and how to row with good form and more efficiently.
  • How to adapt the rower for different body types and injuries, post TKA, overweight, etc.
  • Learn how to help your clients rowing based on what you see and drills to help them.

Get instant access to Rowing for PT's!


What's inside ROWING for PT's?

Introduction to the indoor rower. What is rowing? How to set up the machine. Proper rowing form to help prevent injuries. 

Mobility/Flexibility needs for rowing. Adapting the machine for you and your clients. 

Once you know rowing and how the movement works, learn how to spot common errors and go over common injuries. 

How to help your client stay injury free with drills and cueing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have opened this up to other coaches and people working with athletes on the indoor rowing machine!

This is designed for coaches and PT's, however if you are interested in learning more about rowing, and want a beginners rowing course, check out Forever Rowing!

We are not approved by any state board, however depending on your state you may qualify for 2 CEU's. 

Once you purchase, you get lifetime access and a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't happy!

Don’t leave without making the choice to better serve your clients! Get instant access to THE ROWING FOR PT's program and finally be able to really help your clients stay injury free!


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