Individualized Training Program

Good with rowing but not sure how often to row or what workout to do?

Get a monthly rowing workout plan individualized for you, your goals, and your schedule!

What you'll get:

  • A new rowing workout plan for the month sent to you monthly
  • Choose either the bronze, silver, or gold membership.
  • Each membership has at least one - 30 minute video session with Amanda Painter, PT, DPT every month. This can be for form help, aches and pains you might be having and want to discuss, or just to chat, whatever you want. Silver has two-30 minute calls and gold has one-60-minute call and two 30-minutes call per month.
  • Training for an indoor rowing competition or Rowing across an ocean? We help with that too!
  • Silver includes a mobility program plus more one-on-one calls
  • Gold includes a strength-training and mobility program plus more one-on-one calls

Not looking for rowing, check out the mobility and strength-training only option!


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